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Hello, I’m Kurt Yeager the owner and operator of Kurt’s Septic Service.  I’ve been in the septic business for over 23 years and I’m committed to providing quality service for residential and commercial customers for their septic service, septic inspection and minor septic repair needs. My goal is to help my customers become more environmentally conscientious and to reduce costly repairs to their septic systems by providing accurate and timely inspections for their on site septic systems.

I am certified as an Operations and Maintenance Provider (O&M) by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) and system manufacturers.

I have both my O&M 1 and O&M 2 level certifications, I’m licensed to perform inspections of on site septic systems including:

  • Gravity Septic Systems
  • Pump To Gravity Septic Systems
  • Sand Filter Septic Systems
  • Mound Septic Systems
  • Pressure Distribution Septic Systems

It is my mission to provide you with knowledgeable, efficient, courteous service and to make sure your septic system meets all current regulations and requirements.  I’m here to help you prolong the life of your system and ensure the safety of our water table.

Home Septic Inspections For Sale or Purchase

If you’re a homeowner who is getting ready to, or in the process of selling your home or if you’re a home buyer considering purchasing a home, Kurt’s Septic Service is here to help.  We can complete the inspection process of the home’s septic system and we’ll handle the filing of all the paperwork that is required by the County. We provide a thorough and honest evaluation of all the components of the home’s septic system.  So you’ll have peace of mind during the sales process.

I also work very closely with realtors who need inspections on behalf of their clients.  If you’re a realtor helping a client purchase or sell a home I’m here to help with the inspections and the county.  I offer a flat inspection fee, that includes the county filing charges, there are no hidden costs with Kurt’s Septic Service.

My thorough septic system evaluations include examination of all mechanical or electrical components, measuring sludge levels, inspection of baffles and filters, and more. To do a complete inspection of the pump with electrical components the power and water need to be on. Upon completion of an inspection, I will provide recommendations for any needed pumping, system maintenance or repair.

Thanks, I look forward to working with you.

Kurt Yeager