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Amboy WA Septic Inspection From Kurt’s Septic Service

Amboy WA Septic Inspection

Amboy WA Septic Inspection is necessary when you are buying or selling a property that has a septic system. The inspection is to ensure that the system is working properly, is well maintained and is free of any defects.

Kurt’s Septic Service is a reputable company that provides high-quality septic tank inspection services for Amboy, WA property owners. Being an established and experienced company with over 23 years of experience, we conduct the septic tank inspection to ascertain:

Amboy WA Septic Inspection

  • Condition of the septic system
  • If there are any blockages
  • The maintenance of the system

Regular Amboy WA Septic Inspection Can Save Your Thousands

Septic system inspection of your system components can prevent damage to soil and water around your home of future home and may also extend the useful life of your system. Without periodic septic system inspections, your system could backup and result in a septic tank failure. The cost to replace a residential septic treatment system can range on the low side from $7,000 and on the high side to more than $15,000.


I am a O&M 1 and O&M 2 Certified Specialist and am licensed.  I can inspect and file your report with the county for any of the following systems:

  • Gravity septic systems
  • Pump to gravity septic systems
  • Sand filter septic systems
  • Sand septic  systems
  • Mound septic  systems
  • Pressure distribution septic  systems

Give Kurt’s Septic Inspection a call today at 360.907.1118 or simply follow this link to schedule your Amboy WA Septic Inspection.  I will come out when scheduled, thoroughly inspect your system and file all of the necessary paperwork with the county on your behalf all for one flat fee, there are never any hidden charges with me.

We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with the very best Amboy WA Septic Inspection services available.